What Is Mobile Phone Accessory Wholesale

Any hardware not essential to the functioning of a mobile smartphone as designed by the manufacturer is considered a mobile phone accessory wholesale. Cases are popular accessories connecting to, supporting, or holding a smartphone. Mobile phone accessory wholesale is available wholesale supplies. The case dimensions depend on the display inches (e.g., 5, inch display). 

There are many types

  • Sleeves and pouches
  • Holsters
  • Shells \sSkins
  • Custom-made cases
  • Bumpers
  • Wallets and flip cases
  • Body and screen protection films
  • Drop and shock resistance
  • The case is made of leather
  • Cases with built-in kickstands

Cases for batteries

Holsters are often used alone for gadgets that have rubberized cushioning, are constructed of plastic, and do not have exposed stiff edges. Heavy-duty cases are designed to protect against drops and scratches.

A kickstand (or standing) case maintains the device upright. The folding kickstand of various horizontal issues keeps the device at a flatter or steeper angle, depending on whether it is put horizontally clockwise or counter-clockwise on a surface. The flat curve enables for tapping without tipping the tablet, while the steep slope is designed for viewing.

Mobile phone accessory wholesale combines a case with a stand and may incorporate a keyboard (USB for OTG smartphones or bluetooth keyboard).

Skins and design coverings may provide both protection and customization. These are the consequence of manufacturers’ relatively “bare” designs, in which the device’s metal and glass components are exposed and subject to harm. They differ from holsters in that they enable the device to be used while in the case, but they often incorporate a belt clip or other mechanism that gives it the functionality of a holster.

They are constructed from hard plastic, rubber, silicone, leather, or adhesive-backed vinyl. Vinyl may be calendared or cast, the latter being more costly. Calendered vinyl is only supposed to be used for a short-to-medium period (10 years), while cast vinyl is used for a more extended period. Calendered vinyl shrinks in heat and may be molded into any shape (over 80 degrees Celsius), although it may fade in direct sunshine. Custom printing is used on personalized phone covers. 

External Battery and Charger

Mobile phone accessory wholesale chargers have evolved through various stages, including cradles, plug-in cables, and odd connections. However, gadgets manufactured between 2010 and 2020 mainly utilize micro-USB ports, while subsequent products use USB-C connectors. Apple gadgets often make use of proprietary connections. External batteries are often stand-alone devices that may be connected to the phone’s main charging port.

Photographic accessories

Smart lenses, which include optical zoom and other functions, are bigger and more powerful than the phone’s camera. An app on the smartphone connects to them through Wi-Fi. They are compatible with the majority of mobile phone accessory wholesale. Brilliant flash may also be utilized for selfies.

Stick for taking selfies

Selfie sticks are hand-held extendable monopods used to move gadgets farther away than would have been feasible with the reach of the human arm, enabling the camera to snap images at previously impossible angles.

Tripod mount for smartphones

A tripod keeps the gadget in a fixed area on the ground while taking images. HDMI, as well as a projector. Smartphones with MHL utilize Micro-USB to HDMI connections.


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