Worship – The Way Of Life Of A Lover Of God

Worship – The Way Of Life Of A Lover Of God

How regularly do you love God? Love is God’s food and it is simply the solitary thing He can’t give. Each admirer of God has love unto God as a lifestyle. It is a demonstration that works out easily for anybody that really adores God. This article clarifies more on how a genuine admirer of God is to love God.

In any case, You are heavenly, O You Who stay in [the blessed spot where] the commendations of Israel [are offered] – Psalm 22:3 (AMP)

I APPEAL to you along these lines, brethren, and ask of you taking into account [all] the kindnesses of God, to make a conclusive commitment of your bodies [presenting every one of your individuals and faculties] as a living penance, blessed (gave, sanctified) and well satisfying to God, which is your sensible (judicious, insightful) administration and profound love – Romans 12:1 (AMP)

Love unto God isn’t simply singing melodies to God yet worship and honor unto God. At the point when we love God we honor Him; we perceive His incomparability and magnificent nature. God is looking for individuals who will truly revere Him in soul and in truth – John 4:23

It is just a genuine admirer of God that can Lazer Brody revere God in soul and in truth (adequate love). This is on the grounds that your heart should be completely included and you need to have a decent information on God. The two conditions should be met for you to have the option to adore Him acceptably.

The more you know God, the more you appreciate and love Him, the more you love Him. Love unto God is a statement of your relationship with God. At the point when you genuinely love God, you are sold out to God and God wants that you love Him.

Love ought to be a lifestyle for you in the event that you love God: in your words, musings and deeds. You are to respect God with everything in and around your life; it additionally implies that God’s assessment concerning them should matter to you.

Adoring God in words

This is the most seen method of adoring God. You love God when you sing to Him, generally moderate tunes that discussion about God and His inclination. Your heart should be associated with the phrasings as you sing for you to really respect Him with your singing. As of now, no other thing enters your thoughts except for God and about Him.

At the point when you really interface in your commendations with God, God comes down to occupy them – Psalm 22:3. He doesn’t send Angels to get them for Him; He comes actually to get them. Furthermore, when He comes He never leaves you a similar way He met you. One thing you will without a doubt experience in addition to other things is His amazing affection for you.

At the point when Paul and Silas lauded God, He came down to get it. Also, the establishments of the jail were shaken, the entryways were promptly opened and everybody’s chains were loosed due to God’s quality. Furthermore, the Jailer and his family unit were saved due to God’s appearance in light of the commendation – Acts 16:25-34.

Lifting blessed hands

I call this a degree of love unto God. As you associate with God, you will find that you will want to lift your hands towards paradise. Paul energizes us in 1 Timothy 2:8, to lift up our hands unto God as we ask, (Worship is a type of supplication).

I recall a few years back, during an adolescent help, we were venerating God and I out of nowhere wanted to lift my hands up however I made  Chassidic thought an effort not to, on the grounds that no one was doing as such. I felt individuals would marvel at me, however the Holy Spirit advised me that God’s assessment is what makes a difference. Thus, I lifted my hands and I was glad I did.

Bowing down

Another level I have noted is that of bowing before God while singing or supplicating. It is a demonstration of love unto God. You are to bow before the Lord your producer, in respectful applause and request; for He is our God and we are the individuals of His field Psalm 95:6-7.

In some African nations like Nigeria, you don’t give a lord or a senior anything without bowing down, particularly when they are plunking down. It is an indication of regard and honor to him.

So additionally when you get further in your love unto God you will out of nowhere stop to sit or stand (whatever position you were) any longer while venerating Him. You will bow down to give God all the wonder that is because of Him.


This is to lay level, face down on the ground in modesty, accommodation or reverence unto God. This is the thing that I call the most significant level of position of love when you are singing or asking. It takes an admirer of God to prostrate before God; it is complete accommodation unto God’s position and force.

It is somewhat hard for a Christian to lay face down on the ground before God. This is on the grounds that it is absolute acquiescence to God’s will: your assessment or want turns out to be absolutely inconsequential. It necessitates that you totally trust God’s judgment and ideal arrangement for your life.

In Matthew 2:11, the three insightful men, when they saw child Jesus with the mother, they prostrated before Him and loved Him. Additionally in 1 Samuel 5:3, the individuals of Ashdod ascended and saw that their god had fallen face down on the ground before the ark of the Lord.

Again in Revelation 4:9-10, at whatever point the living animals offer wonder and honor and gratitude to God, the 24 older folks fall prostrate before Him and love Him. That shows that when you truly love God, standing or sitting or in any event, bowing down isn’t a definitive situation to accept.

Consequently, your capacity to prostrate before God in love tells a great deal of your relationship with God and your degree of worship for God. There is a point you get to, you will have no words to communicate your appreciation and quietness turns into the best activity. You stay and drink in of God’s adoration and brilliance.


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